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On 1 May 2018, the Roads and Maritime Services released an updated design for the Rankin Park to Jesmond bypass, and it is good news for cyclists and pedestrians!

The Jesmond cycleway is to be retained as a grade separated path with a combination of a bridge over the entry/exit lanes and a short tunnel under the bypass.

More details are in the April 2018 project update from the RMS.

In 2020, Transport for NSW released an update which made further improvements to the design of the shared path. Now instead of going through a tunnel under the north-south roadway, it goes under the bridge. This is much better for visibility and safety as the path is now entirely in the open air.

Graphic of the proposed shared path bridge/tunnel at the northern interchange, from the RMS April 2018 update. [Superseded by an amended design in 2020]

Although this is exciting news, it is not a “win” in the sense that we have gained something. By the community voicing it’s dissatisfaction with the previous flawed design we have just avoided losing a facility that we have had for nearly 70 years.

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    • Sorry to dampen your celebration, but that news article is referring to the north/south shared path bridge over Newcastle Rd (near Steel St), and saying that the design and construction of this bridge is going to progress ahead of the bypass construction. There is still no news on what will happen to the east/west shared path behind Jesmond Park, other than the report on “additional investigations is due mid-year.”

      • Thanks for that. Gee it sure is dragging on. Anyway good to see Council opposes cutting of the pathway.

  1. The farce continues. The traffic in the John Hunter precinct is getting out of control, taking up to an hour to exit the hospital. The half interchange proposed won’t address that. I’ve also spoken to fellow pedestrians who use the jesmond cycle path who are angry about cutting the path and forcing us to go through 3 sets if traffic lights. They won’t be prepared to wait and will simply cross when its safe, disobeying don’t walk lights.

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