The alternatives

In section 4.5.4 of the EIS, the RMS ‘investigate’ two rather silly solutions for maintaining the shared path, and quite rightly reject them.

However there are many other possibilities that ought to be investigated. The RMS needs to show a commitment to solving this problem rather than just dismissing the problem as too hard.

Here is a quick overview of some solutions that I and other people have thought of. These may turn out to be infeasible, but they are certainly better than what has been investigated so far by the RMS.

  1. An underpass further to the south (to avoid the flooding problem) and connecting to Victory Parade.
  2. An underpass further to the south (to avoid flooding problem) and connecting to Newcastle Rd and Illoura St paths. alternative02
  3. Under the eastern on-ramp, across the bridge over the western off-ramp, under the main bridge.alternative03
  4. A bridge over the on-ramp and off-ramp (yellow), and a tunnel through the embankment of the main road, joining on to Newcastle Rd path.alternative04
  5. A bridge over the on-ramp and off-ramp (yellow), follow the embankment down to ground level, and then under the main bridge, joining on to the Newcastle Rd path.alternative05
  6. Under  the on-ramp, loop around to get to ground level and go under the bridge, loop around to go under the off ramp, exit into Victory Parade.  (The loops are similar to the path at the roundabout near the university.alternative06
  7. Under the on-ramp, continue along the yellow line (at a submerged level but open to the daylight), then under the off-ramp, exiting into Victory Parade.alternative07

Any other ideas? Please send them to me.